Riche Magazine Issue #106 FALL 2021 | Page 2

As we embark on another 365-day journey, RHK is truly grateful to share another year with our readers, fans, models, photographers, and everyone else who continues to support us.

2020 was filled with plenty of memories … some good, some bad … but memories nonetheless! The main takeaway from 2020, at least for me personally, was to count my blessings. Be grateful. Savor the moment. Breathe. Look for the positives in every situation. And hopefully I was able to convey that message to everyone I had an opportunity to work with. Even though we faced small obstacles and challenges, we had (and have) so much to be thankful for … and a better day is always on the horizon!

With all of the challenges we faced in 2020, we were still able to continue our operations without interruption … and had another great year! We released exclusive content every month, with over 25 all-new issues. We worked with new featured models, while some of our previously featured models returned with even hotter content!

All in all … last year was a huge success!

In 2021, we hope to get back on our promo-tours, which give us the opportunity to meet and discover the world’s hottest models. And, as always, our goal is to deliver the best magazines and products we possibly can … our readers and fans deserve nothing but the best!

Riche Magazine FALL 2021